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Computers Guru Inc. is a premier provider of computer and technical resources, Servicing smaller business entities up to and including many Fortune 500 companies,
Because of our size and values we believe in we have greater focus on the real needs of our customers. The following are advantages of working with us:
We analyze our customer needs, help them understand their problems much better and provide them with strategic solutions to the problems so that they can stay ahead in the market.
We are non-risky to work with for a simple reason; we conduct every action with openness and honesty.
We surround ourselves with experience and skills.
We are reachable to our customers any time in all means and ways. Our doors are always open to our customers.
We do not make excuses for our mistakes and always take ownership for our actions and its outcome.
We follow good business practices, quality models and excellent documentation procedures.

We are strong practitioners of organizational empowerment. We seek good ideas from all levels thus empowering those below them, we motivate our employees through “Continuous training, encouragement and empowerment, allowing ownership, providing incentives and rewards” We put people work before paperwork and avoid dirty delegations. This makes our employees bring their best to the table with complete satisfaction. We go to the extra mile of understanding our employee problems and providing advise / solutions so that they can be liberated and put more effectiveness and creativity to the work.

If you are interested in learning more about CGI, please contact us.

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